Meet the Team

Amanda Hall – The Boss

When performing over forty years ago I never thought I would have the pleasure and privilege to welcome and nurture so many young people and adults on their own journey through the magical world of performing arts. Spotlight Theatre was set up to provide a safe space to develop skills and confidence whilst having fun and making friends. We are one big Spotlight family meeting each week, providing opportunity and encouragement to see where our hard work and efforts will lead in the future.

Sophie Petruccio-Hall – Dance/Drama

Teaching at Spotlight Theatre is one of my favorite things to do. Everyone at the school is like a family and its such a nice atmosphere. Dance is a passion of mine and has been since the age of 3 when I first started. Growing up I would dance 5 days a week and I loved every minute of it. I feel like its such a privilege to be teaching at such a lovely school where the students just want to be there and learn. I hope my passion can be passed through to the school and to the students.

“Why walk when you can dance?”

Bethany Wear – Dance/Drama

I have been dancing for the majority of my life. I started ballet 25 years ago and have continued throughout my adult life. Teaching dance has been a passion of mine for many years, and being able to do it at Spotlight Theatre has given me an amazing opportunity. The mixture of ages and abilities at Spotlight Theatre help me move forward with my performance as a tutor as I am constantly learning. As Spotlight Theatre begins to expand and grow, I can see the children do the same and they grow into amazing performers.

Liam Petruccio-Hall – Drama

I’ve been around theatre all my life. You may have figured out it’s a bit of a family trait by the surnames on this page. Acting is a gift, to be able to step into the shoes of another person is one of the most incredible feelings you can have, and to do that with a group of like-minded people can create friendships for life. Hopefully, here at Spotlight Theatre we can nurture talented individuals into exceptional performers and help them to create a lot of friends along the way. 

“It is our job to entertain, It is your job to draw conclusions.”

 Jessica Hardy-Turner – Drama

 I have been studying drama for 9 years and I have been passionate about the subject since day one. Drama is a wonderful way to build self-confidence, engage in teamwork, improve communication, expand creativity and imagination whilst having fun in the process. Spotlight Theatre is a fantastic family that I am lucky to be apart of, with both the tutors and the pupils, giving all ages of children the opportunity to build their skills and perform. The arts are a great thing to be apart of.

Sam Griffiths – Singing

I’ve been playing the piano for over 15 years, and recently graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Music. I love getting involved in all sorts of theatre and have worked across Nottingham and Derby as both a musical director and a musician for lots of different shows. More recently, I started working for Celebrity Cruises as an orchestra musician, playing in the shows in the onboard theatres. After getting stuck in the Bahamas for a few weeks at the start of the pandemic, I’m now really excited to be working with a new company and meeting lots of new people!